Ceylon’s gem industry has a rich and extensive history. Known as Ratna-Dweepa or Gem Island, the name reflects the abundance of natural riches found there. In fact, Marco Polo himself praised Ceylon for having the finest sapphires, topazes, amethysts, and other precious gems in the world.

Even as far back as the 2nd century, Ptolemy, an astronomer, noted that beryl and sapphire were the foundation of Sri Lanka’s gem industry.

Sailors who visited the island also testified to the exquisite “jewels of Serendib” they brought back. Serendib was the ancient name given to the island by traders from the Middle East and Persia who crossed the Indian Ocean during the 4th and 5th centuries to trade gems from Ceylon in the East. Sri Lanka is geologically ancient, with the majority of its rocks dating back to the Precambrian era, anywhere from 560 million to 2,400 million years ago.


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while we’ve been in the jewellery business since 2011, it was 2015 when we truly found our niche in customized jewellery. the happiness in our client’s eyes when they see creations made just for them prompted us to switch gears and focus on quality handcrafted pieces instead.

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Silver, gold, gems. we provide a variety of options.

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we create designs that match your personality.

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we give you regular updates about your jewellery.

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Maria Kasapis

I recently acquired the finest Aquamarine stone from ACRUS GEMS, and I must say, it was the best purchase I have ever made. The prices offered were incredibly attractive. From what I understand, fair trade practices are a significant part of their business, and I sincerely hope that my knowledge is accurate.

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Deepak Vijayan

ACRUS Gems, we are truly grateful for creating our dream rings adorned with unique gemstones. These exquisite pieces of jewelry have made our special day even more memorable. Thank you for your exceptional craftsmanship and for bringing our vision to life.


Abdul Raheem

ACRUS GEMS leadership has played a vital role in guiding and supporting small-scale gem founders, empowering them to achieve remarkable success. Furthermore, ACRUS has been instrumental in facilitating the procurement of gems at affordable prices, further bolstering the triumph of these enterprising individuals. I am genuinely proud to be associated with this endeavor and extend my heartfelt wishes for continued success to all involved.

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